Chicago Loves Mark Cuban

Chicago Loves Mark Cuban

So, I'm up here in Chicago -- yeah, yeah, doing this again, despite the cries of protest. And, funny thing, whenever anyone finds out I'm from Dallas, the very first thing they say is something along the lines of, "Man, we'd love it if Mark Cuban got the Cubs." It's happened, oh, 10 times in the last 20 hours -- though I probably shouldn't include the Indianapolis guy in the hotel lobby wearing the Dirk Nowitzki jersey.

Soon enough, these T-shirts will be all the rage in Chicago; order yours today. And have you seen this? It's, ahem, Cuban's application to buy the team. In related news, ran a poll Monday about which franchise should be considered baseball's losingest team. Guess which club took first. Just guess. Yup. Thanks, Tom Hicks. Guess you're no Mark Cuban. --Robert Wilonsky

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