Children of Dallas, Keep Your Bra Straps To Yourselves

This morning, Salon's Broadsheet contributor Catherine Price posted an item on the excellent ladyblog about a recent push in Dallas-area schools to crack (hah) down on sexual harassment. In the item, Price asks, "Is it sexual harassment when a 7-year-old at a school in Duncanville, Texas, tells a classmate to wear a darker shirt because he can see her bra strap?"

Price references this Dallas Morning News story, featuring an 8th-grade girl who got in trouble for holding a boy's hand and the aforementioned 7-year-old, from Duncanville, who pointed out a classmate's bra strap in gym class. To which Price adds, "I mean, come on -- a 7-year-old pointing out a bra strap? He'd probably point out a classmate's booger, too. That doesn't mean he's necessarily trying to humiliate or harass the person -- he's just being a kid." To which I say: What are we giving 7-year-old girls that they have a need to wear bras, and where can I get some of this miracle grow? --Andrea Grimes


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