Cliff Lee Will Retire Your Desktop Wallpaper
Dave Choate

Cliff Lee Will Retire Your Desktop Wallpaper

A few days ago I stumbled across a promotional video posted to YouTube by self-proclaimed "sports painter" Dave Choate, who lives in Shelton, Connecticut, and has had his work featured on I found his website and browsed his work -- very nice stuff. (My father would love the Willie Mays.) I called Choate this morning and asked him about one piece in particular: his Cliff Lee drawing. I wondered: Is he going to finish it? To which he responded: "If the Rangers win."

I asked him if I could run his Cliff Lee piece today. He said sure and sent the artwork you see above, which is not for sale. Then he sent me this note: "If someone wants a free background, they're welcome to it." He did this just for you, Friends of Unfair Park. Cliff Lee Fact: He brings out the best in people. Except opposing batters.


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