Club Dada Gets a New Co-Owner

Club Dada Gets a New Co-Owner

Our feisty kid sister brings word that Club Dada has a new co-owner, and it's none other than very good Friend of Unfair Park Amanda Newman. She's now one of three owners, along with David Seeberger and A Hard Night's Day's Bob Cummins, who rescued the joint last year after former owner Steve Shin bolted.

Newman will be responsible for booking the joint, she says, and she'll be reinstating the venue's Thursday-night artist-in-residency program, beginning in October with Chris Gonzales, whose MySpace page features a rather lovely cover of Wilco's "Jesus, Etc." And, Newman notes on Boca Tinta today, "I am pleased to report that Jenn Nabb is coming back to host Club Dada’s Open Mike Night on Sunday nights starting November 4th." Which reminds me: Have you heard Jenn's version of "The Look of Love"? No? Then get to it. --Robert Wilonsky

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