Club X Marks the Spot

Surely, you recall this:

March 31, 2006: Amid rumors of drama in their marriage, [Britney] Spears shows up at Dallas' Club X to help [Kevin] Federline promote his upcoming CD. Federline yells to the crowd to "give it up for my wife for showing up at this event!"

Turns out, it's the opening scene in my new novel, about "a violent gang of thugs who operated a swanky North Dallas nightspot" -- Club X, which used to sit at the Dallas North Tollway and Belt Line Road -- and trolled the guest list for good prospects for at least, oh, 70 terrifying home invasions. And Michael Mann or Curtis Hanson, at least the Curtis Hanson who made L.A. Confidential, should direct the big-screen adaptation. --Robert Wilonsky


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