Most people pray while on the freeway; others do their bidding whilst on the side of the road.

CNN Also Travels the "Highway to Heaven" This Morning; Look Out, Pat Robertson!

I'm not going to lie: I can't tell a damned bit of difference between The 700 Club's story about how some God-fearin' folk believe Interstate 35 is the highway to heaven and CNN's story this morning on the very same subject. At least CNN features some footage from inside the all-nude Diamonds Cabaret, situated in a rather unsexy office park area just off Stemmons Freeway and Walnut Hill Lane (and, like, I sure hope that was during an atypically slow period). Love the way the CNN print version refers to it as "an adult go-go club," because, apparently, Gary Tuchman wrote it in 1966. --Robert Wilonsky


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