Is it just me, or does the next coach of the Dallas Mavericks look like Jim Carrey?

Coach Carlisle?!

In news that'll jazz you about as much as finding an old penny in your jeans pocket, it looks more and more like the Mavericks are going to hire former Pacers and Pistons coach Rick Carlisle.

The ol' Virginia point guard doesn't do much for me. He's known as a hard-nosed, defensive-minded disciplinarian who grates on players pretty quickly. Like, lemme think, someone else we know pretty well.

Despite my protestations, reports are that he's the first candidate to get a second interview. My sources are whispering that he's "clearly the front-runner." And -- shoot -- Wikipedia already has his hiring a done deal:

"Dallas Mavericks -- Carlisle was hired in May of 2008 to be the head coach of the Dallas Mavericks, replacing Avery Johnson." -- Richie Whitt


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