Coming This Summer, Somehow, Somewhere, That Documentary on the '78 Texxas Jam

The trailer to Archway Pictures' loooooong-awaited doc on the 1978 Texxas Jam was just (like,


) posted to YouTube, along with the note "Release Date: Summer 2012." Which, fingers crossed, answers the follow-up question I get from time to time following

last summer's item

in which Archway's president, Bedford-born former Belafonte frontman Brian Hedenberg, detailed the hold-up over its release, which at one point had been planned for July 2011.

I asked Hedenberg via email for more specifics; he would only say details are forthcoming and that he "will have more info soon"; you'll be the first to know. When I asked in a follow-up if it'd be a DVD release, or perhaps even a VH1 broadcast as he'd previously mentioned, he again asked for patience. The reason: Details are being hammered out, and he doesn't "want to release info that could change or isn't true." At least we have the video.


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