Cornyn-Noriega: The Other Debate

Cornyn-Noriega: The Other Debate

For those who might not have caught last night's John Cornyn-Rick Noriega Senate race showdown, live from the studios of KERA, it's archived in its entirety on the public station's site. No doubt the affair, moderated in part by the pictured Shelley Kofler, was riveting; have every intention of watching every last second, because from what I've seen thus far, it at least appears that The Dallas Morning News' Gromer Jeffers Jr. doesn't believe anything Cornyn says, and you can't slip squat by Texas Monthly's Paul Burka, who wrote of the Democratic challenger afterward: "I thought he was impressive. If he had $5 million and five weeks, he might make a race of it." But first, I'll have to stop watching John McCain with David Letterman, which was, hands down, the best political TV of the night and far more irritaining than last night's episode of The Office. See for yourself after the jump. --Robert Wilonsky

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