Great horny toads: These attack ads ("Mad TV," June 6) are the reason a lot of people don't vote. Originally, I was thinking of voting for Sanchez due to some things Governor Perry has done in the past. Then the Sanchez attack ads came out. So, I thought I better give Perry another look. Then his attack ads came out. Now, I think I'll vote for Yosemite Sam. At least he started out his cartoon political campaigns making promises, not attacks.

Timothy Covington

Hack Smack

The other guys: We here at the Dallas Music Guide just took a look at the new Scene, Heard for this week (June 6) and wanted to say thanks for addressing this topic. This is the very reason that we started our own music magazine in the first place. The Dallas Music Guide has only been around for a few short months and is Web-based only, but people have been very receptive of what we're doing so far. Why? Because people like to read reviews and articles by writers who are excited and have a passion for the music. This is not to say that we suck up to anyone with a guitar; this is saying that as fans, we feel that we are in the best position to write about whatever it is we're hearing.

Every writer for the Dallas Music Guide is a record geek, has those special "Sabotage" moments more often than once in their life and strives to turn people on to good music that they might not get a chance to hear otherwise. And that doesn't mean that we are strictly an indie-rock magazine; on the contrary, we try to cover a very diverse range just on the off chance that a Blackalicious fan might really want to go out and pick up an Imperial Teen CD, or might actually find themselves intrigued at whatever an older band like Bad Company might have to say.

We're not in competition with anyone else; we're just here free of charge to let others know that there is great music out there, that the city of Dallas is a major media market, and we'd like to see our potential grow so that we can have cooler acts come through that might only tour the Northeast or the West Coast. Dallas can be that kind of city, but rather than bitching about how our hometown is skipped over for shows, we want to let artists know that they do have fans here.

By the way, I am frustrated when I read the music reviews in The Dallas Morning News. If I don't know what an album sounds like, I still have no idea what to expect after reading a DMN review of it. I see the writers out at shows each week, usually seated nearby, and they all look as bored as you described Mr. Christensen to have appeared at the Beastie Boys show. And most of the time, the facts are off. This is not quality writing, and I'd like to see the ante upped from here on out.

Thanks for voicing an opinion that a lot of us share.

Christina Comley

The king lives: A short running commentary...

ZC: "Their prose is flatter than a junior-high drill team's tops, and their critiques (or lack thereof, usually) have less bite than a newborn."

Me: Good God, man, I hereby crown you the king of metaphors!

ZC: "More than likely, Christensen doesn't get out of bed unless someone in Rolling Stone mentioned it was a good idea."

Me: Awww, snap! I read that as I took a sip of Diet Pepsi, and it warranted a full-on, Elaine Benes spit shot.

I'd say I can't wait to see if they accept the challenge, but I never read the DMN's music reviews anyway.

Meredith Hudson

Brassy: You may not know it, but we go way back. We have had a couple of very forgettable disagreements over the Rev, and I started reading the Dallas Observer for your insight and honesty concerning music. I enjoyed giving you shit over the Rev thing because it got way out of hand, but I will not hide my feelings about this article on DMN music critics. It was effing brilliant. I get sick knowing so much is going to waste at the DMN, and I still go back from time to time to see if things have changed. Stop by the Billiard Bar and let me buy you a drink or a Honda or something, because that was the most refreshing thing that has hit me in quite some time. God bless you and your big brass ones.

Blake Reedy
Via e-mail

Community Service

Rare praise: I just wanted to thank you on behalf of our staff for putting this article (about why well-done steaks are a mistake) together (Burning Question, May 30). It's the kind of thing we want to tell people, but can't afford to lose the business! If your article gets one person to change his order, you've done a great service to the steak-house community. Come by and see us when you get a chance.

Carlos Rodriguez
Pappas Bros. Steakhouse


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