Cowboys Say "No" To Yoko Romo?

Cowboys Say "No" To Yoko Romo?

Bill Zwecker, gossip columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, writes this morning that he has it on good authority that Dallas Cowboys bigwigs are none to happy with Tony Romo bringing his girlfriend to games -- to the point where they've asked him to, ya know, tone it down. As in:

According to a good Big D source, Romo has been told to put his romantic life on the back burner at this critical juncture near the end of the regular NFL season. I also understand that at least one team official has suggested to Simpson that it would ''be in Tony's best interest,'' if the couple cooled it for a few weeks.

To which Joe Simpson said something like, Yeah, right. "Only, uh, in a bit more colorful language," Zwecker insists. --Robert Wilonsky

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