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"American Girls," by Glenna Whitley, June 19

Daddy Dearest

As a now-adult daughter of an Egyptian father and American mother (along with having one sister as well), I was more than horrified to read "American Girls." Thankfully, my experience with my father has been different. My father has given to my sister and me even when he has had nothing to give. He has been our No. 1 supporter in life as well as our best friend.



As I read this story, I couldn't help but notice the importance that was placed on Yaser Said's nationality and religion. I do not believe that either of these played a role in this awful tragedy. Most children of Arabs and Muslims will admit that their parents are protective, but not violent, and do want their children to be happy and successful.

The issue here is not religion, culture or nationality. The issue is domestic violence and a mother who perhaps was too scared, or cowardly, to stand up for her own children. Let us see the progression of violence: first verbal abuse, then sexual, then murder. Abuse is blind to color, age, sex, nationality, religion.

I hope your readers realize that the fact that this evil man was Egyptian and Muslim had very little, if anything, to do with his daughters' deaths.

I know that my Egyptian father wants nothing more than happiness and good things for my sister and me. He is my hero and best friend. How sad that these girls didn't get to experience the positive side of their culture as I have.

Sarah Nour, Dallas

"Do Not Disturb," by Sam Merten, June 26

Beats us

Outrageous! Why isn't anyone investigating Mr. Leppert and his cohort? What they are attempting to do is criminal, which is defrauding the Dallas taxpayers. Everyone who sees this for what it is should call for a criminal investigation. Is it really that easy to for a city mayor and a group of city council members to collude and bilk the city taxpayers out of HALF A BILLION DOLLARS?! Can't anyone stop these people? And why aren't Dallas residents more outraged? Don't they realize what it means when their city is in debt for more than a BILLION DOLLARS? Think higher property taxes, city surcharges, foreclosures, cost of living skyrocketing! God, what is wrong with Dallas residents? They can't all be that stupid!

Reuben L. Owens, via

Something just doesn't smell right with the lack of public debate over $500 million of taxpayer money going into business to run a hotel at the beginning of an economic downturn. It appears suspicious in the least when most of the city leaders except a couple are "full steam ahead" without doing a proper feasibility study.

Ken Hoover, via

"For Whom the Bell Tolls," by Sam Merten, June 26

Give Him an "A"

Thanks to Sam Merten and the Dallas Observer for the excellent article on GPS monitoring of truant students. It was comprehensive, balanced and well-researched. The Observer article trumped all other news coverage of this particular truancy intervention program by eschewing sound bites in favor of in-depth and accurate reporting. As co-founder of the A.I.M. (Attendance Improvement Management) program cited in the article, I appreciate Merten's effort to accurately explain the program and its relationship to schools, the court system and the students involved. Kudos for a job well done.

Shelton Stogner, Richardson

"R.I.P. Reunion," by Richie Whitt, June 26

Lights out

A-hole. You made me tear up. In the Gazeebo Burger! Floor seats for the '86 slam dunk. It looked like Spud missed his first dunk and wouldn't advance. It was still cool to see a guy that size go that high. Then Kevin McCarthy announced over the PA that Spud had actually bounced the ball off the top of his head after making the dunk! It physically hurt to be in that arena for the Lakers game.

Jim, via


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