Dallas 24, Miami 3, You $85,000?

Dallas 24, Miami 3, You $85,000?

When I was a kid, the only artist I knew by name was LeRoy Neiman -- musta been those Bicentennial Burger King giveaways, yech. So, I was kind of interested when a Friend of Unfair Park sent word that someone's auctioing off a Neiman original on eBay: Superbowl VI (Miami and Dallas). Only, what the ...?

Pardon, but that's $85,000? Seriously? Because, um, I see that only only six years ago, at the Playboy at 50 auction held at Christie's, the same piece sold for a little more than $31,000, after being guesstimated to go for slightly less than five figures. Besides, don't all LeRoy Neiman pieces from the '70s kinda look the same? Somewhere, I have this Time too.

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