Dallas and Those "Scary" Chemtrails

"Chemtrails" is one of the handful of tremendous tracks found on Beck's recently released Modern Guilt -- not at catchy as "Gammy Ray," but still. Sings the Scientologist: "I can’t believe what we’ve seen outside/You and me watching the jets go by." Perhaps the song provided the yesterday-morning inspiration for one "kenjams," who, a short time ago, posted the video below, in which he notes: "Sunday was a massive spraying day in the Dallas area. Chemtrails filled the sky for most of the day and I even filmed a notorious "black chemtrail" before sunset. Woke this morning with bad headache. Scary stuff."

For his video, "kenjams" uses by way of narration a segment from Austin-based conspiracy promoter Alex Jones' show from yesterday that discusses chemtrails in Texas. Also used: dance music that scientists will one day conclude likewise contains traces of sulfur dioxide. --Robert Wilonsky


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