Dallas Area Rapid Transit Is Clearly Gearing Up for Its Very Own Video Festival

Brad Oldham talks Traveling Man in a DART video.
Brad Oldham talks Traveling Man in a DART video.

In recent days, Dallas Area Rapid Transit's been awfully busy posting videos to its YouTube page -- most of 'em having to do with the Green Line, which is scheduled to open September 14. I've put four of them after the jump: Two feature interviews with Brad Oldham and Reel FX's Brandon Oldenburg, who are, at this very moment, installing their Traveling Man sculpture series in Deep Ellum. You'll also find a two-parter in which DART gives the Fair Park Station's construction the Koyaanisqatsi treatment -- nice eye candy accompanied by classical guitar. (Update: To the two Friends of Unfair Park who wanted to know what piece of music that is in the Fair Park Station videos, DART spokesman Morgan Lyons provides the answer: "gajdarsko oro" by Viatko Stefanovski and Miroslav Tadic.)

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