Dallas is in the Super Bowl! Okay, How About AT the Super Bowl?

Dallas is in the Super Bowl! Okay, How About AT the Super Bowl?

The Cowboys won't be in Miami for Super Bowl XLIV February 7, but Dallas will be represented all over South Beach in the form of the latest and greatest in safe, sassy transportation - VAULT.

I saw this thing - it's like a giant combo limousine/Hummer/armored truck - pull up to a Dallas night spot recently and out climbed none other than Shaquille O'Neal. Then a couple weeks ago at a North Texas Super Bowl XLV event Tim Brown arrived in a VAULT. (I know what you're thinking, Tupac coulda used one of these back in '96. And you're right.)

Dallas-based VAULT Services plans to have 25 of their cutting-edge vehicles in Miami and I get the feeling these babies will be a hot product next month when the NBA All-Star Game and its accompanying posses hit town.

"Never before has a company dedicated a fleet of vehicles like this to major sporting events," says Vice President of Media Relations for VAULT Services LP Wally Lynn, a familiar Metroplex radio voice for two decades. "The VAULT fills a unique niche for our clients at high profile events in the post 9/11 world."

I rode in one of these monsters last year. Luxurious on the inside; bullet-proof on the outside. May be a bit much if you're just cruising to church or making a late entrance to an Observer staff meeting, but for pulling up to the prom, Deep Ellum or the NBA's Slam Dunk contest ... perfect.

Make a scene with peace of mind. Thumbs up.


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