Dallas ISD Board of Trustees to Vote on a New "Superintendent Evaluation Instrument"

Dallas ISD Board of Trustees to Vote on a New "Superintendent Evaluation Instrument"

Far as the Dallas Independent School District board of trustees is concerned, there are three factors that go into determining how good a job the superintendent's doing: "student achievement," "sound financial management" and "stakeholder satisfaction." Those, say the board, "embody the core beliefs and expectation of the community as represented by the Board of Trustees, and they form the framework for evaluation of the Superintendent of Schools." But, of course, all three do not carry equal weight when it comes to determining the super's success -- if they did, well, Michael Hinojosa most likely would have started hunting for a new gig 'round about the time the district came up $64 million short (for starters) in September 2008.

Which is why, Monday morning, the DISD board of trustees will vote on something called a "Superintendent's Appraisal Instrument," which spells out how to grade the superintendent. Student achievement will count for 65 percent of the grade; financial management, 20 percent; stakeholder satisfaction, 15 percent. No word yet on how the district will measure parents, students and taxpayers' satisfaction with the super. I'd go with blog comments, personally.

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