Dallas ISD Serves Up Yet Another Very Special, Sad Episode of The Michael Hinojosa Show

WFAA-Channel 8 ran an "exclusive" last night recapping some of the potential staffing cuts on Dallas ISD campuses, should the super's worst-case scenario become reality. Of course, those are the same grim numbers Dallas Friends of Public Education had already posted to its website -- cuts ranging from a possible 171 out of 412 full-timers gone at Skyline to 120 out of 150 let go from Townview. Most middle schools could lose more than 25 percent of their staffs; meanwhile, the TAG Magnet High School would keep all of its 19 FTEs. Right now, high schools could lose up to 1,237 full-timers; middle schools, 745; elementary schools, 1,049.

Yesterday, the district posted to Vimeo those videos featuring Michael Hinojosa discussing that "new reality"; as I understand it, DISD's prepping a website dedicated to the budget cuts that could run upward of $260 million, with these videos and other PowerPoints presented to the board as part of the page. Perhaps that's why the district posted yet another clip last night: Hinojosa's preliminary budget-reduction plan presented to the board on February 10, which is worth a look for those who didn't have the pleasure of sitting through it almost two weeks ago. It's on the other side.


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