Dallas Mavericks: Transformers in Disguise!

Because I loves some Free Darko, here's the mightily monikered Bethlehem Shoals' sneak peek at the Dallas Maverick-New Orleans Hornet showdown, set to commence tomorrow 'round 6 p.m. on the Worldwide Leader. The whole piece, of course, must be taken in context, but a few teasers till you crash the boards: "Cheap irony of the century: If the Warriors' win was fueled by BELIEVE, the Mavs are fighting an uphill battle against doubt." And: "It's weird, Kidd goes back and forth between neglected and receiving an O'Neal-like slurp-job from the media." And: "This will be one hell of a series. Reports of Dallas's demise have been greatly exaggerated, and the void around NOLA is almost as weird as the team's unexpected ascent." Read it already. --Robert Wilonsky


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