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Dallas Moving Company Gets a National Spanking on The Consumerist

Apparently, Regal Row-based Ultimate Van Lines picked the wrong folks to mess with. Because today, the 4-year-old Dallas moving company gets a proper smackdown on Gawker Media-affiliated The Consumerist, where one unhappy family writes that Ultimate's been holding its property hostage for weeks: "We have lost thousands of dollars worth of property; besides furniture, appliances, and clothing, we have lost memorabilia and some financial records. ... What is more, my children (my daughter: 3 years old, and my son: 7 weeks old) are sleeping on the floor while they wait for their beds to arrive." And, alas, no crib.

And this ain't the first unhappy customer. Hence, this notice from the Better Business Bureau: "On May 20, 2008 the accreditation was suspended due to failure to respond to one or more customer complaints filed with the BBB. The matter will be reviewed by BBB's Board of Directors at its next meeting." --Robert Wilonsky


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