Dallas PD Asks: Do You Know The Gunman Who's Been Holding Up 7-Elevens This Week?

The video you see above was taken in the wee small hours of Saturday morning at the 7-Eleven located at 5123 W. Lovers Lane, just off Inwood -- you know, the one next to Neighborhood Services , which, according to Dallas PD records, has been robbed more than 70 times in the past five years. Reason DPD sent it our way this evening: The department believes the man beneath the get-up -- "a white male in his mid-30s," says the best guess, "around 5' 6" to 5' 9" tall and weighing around 160 pounds" -- is responsible for more than one 7-Eleven stick-em-up in recent days, the other having taken place at the oh-thank-heavens at Forest and Skillman one day earlier.

Says DPD, which asks folks to call (214) 671-3638 with more info, "In that offense, the suspect is seen fleeing the location in a dark SUV that may have had a second suspect driving." A Black Ford Explorer, to be accurate. At the Lovers location, says the police report, he got away with $46 in cash money, $549 worth of smokes and eight bucks in lighters. On Forest, also the scene of some 70 robberies since '05, the man got away with $20 worth of rolled-up quarters, says the police report. It also notes: "The suspect ... lifted his shirt showing the butt of a gun and stated, 'I will blow your brains out.'"

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