Dallas, YOU Still Love Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise, you're nuts and probably holding Katie Holmes hostage, but Dallas still buys what you're selling.

Why, I have no idea, but I find this kind of staggering. By now, you all know that Mission: Impossible III had a " disappointing " opening weekend, raking in a mere (heh) $47.7 million at the box office. Well, of that take, Dallas accounts for $1 million of all the tickets sold, according to a box-office-numbers-knowin' souce. One mil in one city for one movie. More money than he made in all of Nebraska last weekend. Or Tennessee. Or...look, just get out a map and starting point to states. Tom Cruise has always liked Dallas; shot Born on the Fourth of July here, came through to promote Minority Report and Vanilla Sky . Maybe he oughta move here. Not like he'd be far away from the Scientologists . And I would be happy to babysit. --Robert Wilonsky

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