Dallas, Your Morning News Is About to Get a Little More Expensive

So, now we know what A. H. Belo Corporation CEO Robert Decherd meant in April when he wrote to shareholders of "creating sustainable incremental revenue streams": He's raising the newsstand price of The Dallas Morning News. A Friend of Unfair Park delivers the news this morning, and a customer service rep at the paper confirmed it: Beginning Monday, the weekday and Saturday editions will jump a quarter, to 75 cents; the Sunday paper will now run you $2. (Of course, we now know what Decherd meant when he wrote, "Internet revenues ... will be an increasing focus of our conversation with shareholders and analysts.")

Funny story: When I called customer service this a.m. to confirm the price change, the guy insisted, nope, that can't be right. Then he went to confirm with a supervisor: "Yes, sir," he said, sounding a little incredulous, "you're correct." --Robert Wilonsky


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