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Damn the Innocent

Burden of proof: As a lifelong Texan, it sickens and scares me to see this type of thing happen again and again and again ("Undue Process," by Glenna Whitley, October 5). I grew up with an attorney for a father, and throughout the years he's fought countless battles against just this type of thing: lazy and abusive cops, incompetent judges, an archaic legal system.

Apparently Beck and Greene forgot that they are duty-bound to investigate FACTS and to uncover the TRUTH. Perhaps they've become jaded, but it's in no one's best interests when people in their positions glaze over criminal investigations and trials as though attending to the details is too much of a burden.


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The onus is on the prosecution to prove their case, not on the defendant to show his innocence. "Innocent until proven guilty" should not just be an oft-heard phrase that buzzes in our ears. It should be the way our criminal justice system works every time, all the time.

Bronwen Taylor


Sizzlin' Sarah

Working real hard: Sarah Dodd ("Awkward," by Matt Pulle, September 28) is an outstanding reporter with respect to the stories she lands as well as her presentation on camera. I don't understand why envious reporters--the ones who primarily report on fluff--accuse Sarah of successfully gaining interviews and being the first to open controversial news stories as a result of being an attractive blonde. Have these individuals not taken a good look at themselves and other news reporters on TV, both local and national? All news reporters on TV are attractive, apparently a requirement. The negative attack on Ms. Dodd by other reporters is nothing more than sour grapes by mediocre reporters who don't have what it takes to advance in their career. Bottom line, let's keep and support Sarah Dodd. She's a real asset to Channel 11 and an obviously dedicated, hard-working reporter and one of the reasons our family watches Channel 11 news. Some of the other reporters could be replaced and no one would notice. Also, with respect to the public interested in good news stories and what's happening in our city, no one cares about the reporter's personal life and who's dating who. The reporters attacking Ms. Dodd have done nothing more than shine a light on their own incompetence.

Jennifer Wisdom



A swine performance: How rude to compare a perfectly good human to a pig ("Teutons of Fun," by Elaine Liner, October 5). Brian Loncar's performance was endearing and fun to watch. I think you might have a biased opinion and a long-standing animosity against lawyers. Perhaps you should be reviewing the pigs down at the fair since you seem to know much more about them than what a fun performance should be.

Evelyn Vega


Git Thee Gone, Hillary

Phony meter: I can relate to your Hillary dilemma, Jim, although from the opposite angle ("Country Hillary," by Jim Schutze, September 28). You see, I have always disliked Hillary, precisely because she makes my internal "phony meter" peg routinely. She says her parents named her for the first Mt. Everest conqueror, Sir Edmund Hillary...only problem is that he didn't do it until six years after her birth. I could go on and on.

Now to my point: Like you I am a native Yankee, from Pennsylvania. I love Texas and am quite acclimated, but occasionally I do catch myself saying things in a strange new way. I correct it as soon as I am aware. But I have never said "git" nor could I. Hillary, on the other hand, is an elitist extraordinaire. The very act of her saying "git" demonstrates what she truly thinks of us...that we are ignorant hicks just waiting for a reason to be schmoozed into putty for her upcoming campaign.

Jim, my friend, I love both your work and your perspectives. I count on them for a balanced viewpoint of my adopted city. I hate to burst your bubble, but in this case, I think you'd better find a new hero.

Jesse Blankenship


Drone Angels

Trippy: I'm very confused by Merritt Martin's latest article about the Austin-based band the Black Angels ("Angels of Mercy?," October 5). I know you are entitled to your own opinion, so I'm just going to state how much I love this band. Every time I see this band live, it's as if I'm visiting another astral plane. It's not a rock show, it's a religious gathering, where friends and strangers alike can collectively feel the energy being emitted by this massively talented band. Jennifer, who is their drone organist, adds so much to the sound that I believe the music would sound massively different without her. She adds this trippy constant wall of sound which helps me and all of their fans slowly drift out of the present reality and achieve a higher level of thinking. Turn on, tune in, drone out to the Black Angels.

Fred Holston



Stay true: Ms. Grimes, I thank you for your honesty and clarity in presenting such a story ("The Reverend Freak," by Andrea Grimes, September 21). You are to be commended for providing such insight and truth. Keep writing. Stay true to your art.

Cheryl Gibson Johnson



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