DART Prez Makes Good on World Series Bet

DART Prez Makes Good on World Series Bet

Earlier this morning I came across this San Francisco TV report: "Texan to sing at BART station over World Series bet." Said Texan is actually Dallas Area Rapid Transit President and Executive Director Gary Thomas, who made a bet with his BART counterpart that involved the loser going to the winner's city and serenading light-rail riders during their morning commute whilst dressed in baseball garb. Southwest Airlines would pick up the airfare.

Thomas, of course, lost. So he showed up this morning, at 6 sharp, to sing "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" at Embarcadero Station. I asked DART's spokespeoples if they had video. Nope. Not yet. But Morgan Lyons did send along this picture, given to him by a Bay Area counterpart. Shoulda made him wear a beard.

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