Look for this guy's wife at Ghostbar Saturday night. Just a guess.

David Beckham: Out of Sight. Out of Mind.

Remember last summer when David Beckham’s visit to Dallas, er Frisco, was a huge deal? Then, he tweaked an ovary or something and his no-show was even huger?

Now, turns out, Mr. Posh Spice will play at Pizza Hut Park Sunday to little fanfare and not exactly lots of fans.

FC Dallas, which hosts Beckham’s LA Galaxy Sunday at 2, just announced a last-gasp batch of $20, standing-room only tickets available at Ticketmaster or by calling their futbol offices at 888.323.4625. So, cool, must mean it’s an overflow sellout, right?


Notsamuch. According to the club, a “limited number of seats in most price categories, including Field Side Seats, are also available.”

How quickly we forget. -- Richie Whitt


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