Dear Paul F. Tompkins, Please Come to Dallas

Apparently, somebody -- make that quite a few somebodies -- wants VH1 talking head and master of the bizarre tweet, Paul F. Tompkins, to come to Dallas. So much so there's a Facebook group specifically for that purpose. Just today I've gotten three e-mails and two suggestions to join the group, started by Shannon Albert, and support the mass persuasion efforts to get Tompkins' comedic ass to Big D.

What gives? Why a Facebook page and not just traditional letters of longing, lust and begging? Well, the page reads: "Paul F. Tompkins has said if a city gets up to 300 people that he'll come to that city to perform. Let's find 300 North Texas fans and get PFT to Dallas!" That's pretty clear, I suppose. And based on a recent tweet, it appears that Tompkins is aware of the demand: "Dallas the American city! I would like to meet you."

So far, 110 members. Wait, make it 111. I couldn't help myself.


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