Dear Stoner: How Do I Tell My Family I Smoke Pot?
Jay Vollmar

Dear Stoner: How Do I Tell My Family I Smoke Pot?

Dear Stoner: I’ve been smoking pot for a few years, but in the last six months I’ve started smoking more as I drink less (I’m 25). My parents have always been against marijuana, but I want to be honest with them if I continue to partake. How should I break the news?
Beaver Cleaver

Dear Beaver: It’s hard to give specific advice, as I’ve never met your parents — but honesty is usually the best policy. If you don’t see yourself ending your cannabis use anytime soon, make sure you educate yourself before starting the discussion. Don’t rant about pot’s ability to fight cancer you don’t have or George Washington’s hemp garden; just tell them why it benefits you. Does it help with anxiety? Pain? Sleep? Maybe talk about an instance in which marijuana made your night better without putting you in danger, as alcohol can. If you have a decent job and keep yourself tidy, that might help their outlook, too. You want to take an unapologetic stance while still being respectful of their questions and concerns.

My dad was almost forced to embrace cannabis after I got a job writing about it, but not everyone is lucky enough to have supportive parents. Some people refuse to change their mind regardless of how much you love them, and some won’t approve of pot no matter how you spin it. If all else fails, slap a Mary’s Medicinals transdermal patch on your dad the next time his back aches and tell him it’s Icy Hot. The results may speak for themselves.


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