Debra Medina Delivers Potential "Early Shocker" to Guv Rick and Kay Bailey? Yowza!

Debra Medina in Dallas two weeks ago, after the final GOP debate
Debra Medina in Dallas two weeks ago, after the final GOP debate
Sam Merten

Hard to say how seriously to take the results of today's Public Policy Polling press release that says Debra Medina's becoming quite the player in the GOP gubernatorial race; after all, this is the same company that asked America the other day, "Saints or Colts?" (Saints all the way, but of course.) Anyway. Says the release, Rick Perry's pulling 39 percent of the would-be votes, while Kay Bailey Hutchison's running a distant second with 28 percent. Meanwhile, Medina's coming up the rear with 24 percent.

Per the release, Perry's doing well with conservatives; so too Medina. KBH, alas, is a fave amongst the moderates -- which "account for only 20% of GOP primary voters," says the release, which adds:

"The big question for Debra Medina is whether there's enough unhappy voters out there for her to get into a runoff with Rick Perry," said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. "That would rank up there with the results of the Massachusetts Senate election as an early shocker in the 2010 political season."

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