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Defiling the Star

T.O. means B.S.: Magnificent article ("Eyes Wide Shut," by Richie Whitt, March 23). A friend asked me how I felt about the T.O. signing. I simply said, "Winning has become more important than honor." Yes, I am still a Cowboys fan, but I will NEVER be a T.O. fan. Three years can't pass fast enough.

Chris Devany


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Stay protected: I loved your article! You spoke my sentiments exactly. Signing T.O., to me, is like going to bed with the most beautiful prostitute. She looks great, will probably do you a great "service," but in the end you wind up with something that you hadn't planned on. In this situation, clubhouse cancer.

Tony Perez


Madea for Me

The FUBU principle--for us, by us: Some of the points you made about Madea's plays and movies I couldn't agree with more ("Throw Away the Key," by Andrea Grimes, March 16). Madea works because she reminds a lot of people of their Madeas and grandmothers of yesterday. She says what she means and means what she says. I do believe that some of the songs get lengthy and contain too much yelling, but that's what sells tickets. If you look at the message in the play or movie, then it may work for you. Not all African-Americans get a lot of Caucasian plays or movies, but that doesn't stop them from being No. 1 either. So what if the only people that attend Tyler's plays and movies are African-American? Is that a problem? Is it a crime because "non-blacks" didn't attend the play? How many "non-blacks" do you see at Kwanzaa Fest? How many "non-blacks" do you see at the Martin Luther King Day parade? Same principle--just because it's important to African-Americans doesn't mean it's important to "non-blacks."

J. Miles


Che What?

Umever heard of irony?: It was with great dismay that I read your brief story on the opening of Cara Mia Theatre's most recent production, El Chuco y La Che (Night & Day, March 16). Clearly, Ms. Andrea Grimes did not bother to pick up the telephone and contact a representative of Cara Mia. Had she done so, not only would she have gotten the title of the play correct (it's "La Che," not "Le Che"), she would have discovered that this one-man show is a celebration of the letter "ch" and its importance to Chicanos and the Spanish language. Futhermore, she would have realized that this play has nothing to do with Che Guevara.

As a former radio station manager and weekly newspaper owner, I have always pushed for greater diversity in newsrooms. The problem is that so many reporters from the "general market" news industry do not bother to do research and develop a full understanding of our culture. Case in point: Ms. Grimes' choice to surf as opposed to picking up the telephone and learning about this show. Her story was just another example of the pathetically lazy journalism that results from a lack of interest in the topic or connection with the community. For the record, I attended the opening night of El Chucho y La Che last Friday and did not see any "pot-smoking, pinko-commie, liberal Northeastern college students." Of course, I didn't see Ms. Grimes either...but maybe she was there. If so, I am certain she is horrified with how far off-base her story was.

J.Frank Hernandez


A Fitting Tribute

Pitiful behavior at SMU: Seriously? Are you surprised at the way that SMU has gone about acquiring land for the proposed Bush Presidential Library? ("SMU's Shame," by Jim Schutze, March 16.) Given the history of both parties, I am not. What better tribute to the man who stole land from private landowners to build the monolithic tribute to his own ego that he called The Ballpark in Arlington? Of course, an institution such as SMU would be proud to do such dastardly actions as to kick elderly people out of their homes for a chance at honoring such a man. After all, the school proved it would do anything and pay any price to have a winning football team in the '80s. They are now just following suit and doing anything within their power to secure land for the presidential library. Kudos to bringing to light such pitiful behavior by the university and the duplicity of so many of the Bush Team.

Eric Miles


Peace at home, hell abroad: I would agree with you about SMU and the filthy manner in which the land came to them, but I do not feel that Bush is a total failure. The economy is booming, and we have peace at home! We are at war, and the world is not perfect.

Jim Doster

University Park

Pea-brained Mortals

A child shall lead them: What a shame that such closed-minded people can just spew unknowing hatred like that toward an idea they can't wrap their little brains around ("Little Boy Blue," by Jesse Hyde, March 9). I'm an indigo adult, I raise an indigo child, and these kids are no longer the exception, they're the norm. Look around, people. The world is at such unrest because the energy IS changing, and change is not downright stinks most of the time. The veil is thinning, and the kids are leading the way. Maybe instead of always believing you are right, you should listen to your kids. Stop medicating them and listen.

Tracy Rector



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