Derek Holland Has a Very Messy Apartment, And Mike Napoli's Mom Is, Like, the Best

Livin' The Dream: Derek Holland from MLB Players on Vimeo.

Found these on Vimeo this morning: behind-the-scenes glimpses into the lives of Mike Na-po-li! and Derek Holland. They were produced by the Major League Baseball Players Association, part of a post-season web series titled "Livin' the Dream," but appear to have been little seen since being posted earlier this week.

Shame too: Napoli's profile, which follows, is all about his tight-knit relationship with his mom (she's tattooed on his arm, so, yeah), while Holland's is a peek into his BeerPong-ed apartment, where we meet his girlfriend Lauren and his dog Wrigley. And: We discover it will take 40 years for Holland's 'stache to grow in.

Livin' The Dream: Mike Napoli from MLB Players on Vimeo.


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