Did Mark Cuban's Attorney Just File Greatest Legal Scoreboard Ever in Ross Perot Jr. Case?

We've written here and there about Ross Perot Jr.'s legal claims that a "reckless and careless" Mark Cuban has done an awful job of running the Dallas Mavericks .... right, Your NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks, of which Perot still owns 5 percent. Well, moments ago Tom Melsheimer, Cuban's attorney, just submitted into evidence the document you see below as proof that Cuban's anything but a bad owner. Melsheimer's brief in support of his motion to dismiss is just that, brief -- proof that a picture's worth ... well, you know.2011-06-22 WC Mavs and Radical Mavs Mngt MSJ

Related: Richie's cover story on the Mavs Title, and plenty of photos of Cubes and the Larry O'Brien trophy in our slide show.


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