Diggin' the Dirt

"The Dirt Doctor" by Jim Schutze, July 17

Diggin' the Dirt

I've been a "follower" of Howard's and his message of organics for 16 years now. We've not sprayed or used chemicals inside or out in that time. The diversity of beneficial insects and reptiles in our yard is amazing, and we know that the herbs and vegetables we grow are as good and good for you as they can be. The article didn't mention Redenta's Nursery on Oram Street, which is 100 percent organic and has a great, knowledgeable staff.


organic gardening

Sandi Schwedler, Dallas

Tremendous and very thorough article. Congratulations to the author for taking the time to tell the whole story! It made for enjoyable and instructive reading while crediting authorities on both sides of the argument. My hat is off to Mr. Garrett.

L. A. Krulc, Fort Worth

Howard (married to my sister Judy) has been "converting" folks to organics for years—even our dad, a chemical engineer, believed in Howard's advocacy enough to change. In Victoria, Earthworks (and even HEB grocery) carry Howard's books and organic products. Now our growing family studies his ideas to help keep the grandkids (and the rest of us) safe. We even have friends in Cleveland who are excited about his information and are trying his ideas. Thank you, Howard!

Sharon Keag Lee, Victoria

"The Hard Lie," by Richie Whitt, July 3

Richie Whitt, this was journalism—actual presentation of the story, didn't blindside anyone. The principals can argue the facts, but you've reported what they said.

Looking at the remaining personalities, you have a Mr. Gatti's employee, a late-20s drifter and the oldest guy in Dallas radio without a steady, good-paying gig in 1994. Without Greg Williams, where would Mike Rhyner be—a waiter at a steakhouse? Corby would be what—and where? When they have a friend in trouble, they react purely in their own self-interest and putting down part of the reason for their existence.

I did hear Danny wish Greg the best in new endeavors. Rather than being defensive, telling us about the "high road," Danny recognized that some things are more important than perception of who zoomed who.

From the days of Herman in Mesquite, RO, Paul the Damn Viking and Ray in Allen, the show turned into an excuse to fart out loud and cuss a lot.

Thomas Conrad, Flower Mound

Don't know if Greggo will ever see this. He was not my favorite on The Hardline, but we all have our faves. After reading your story, I felt a lot different, because we have all had our demons. I hope nothing but the best for The Hambonida. Stay hard, Greggo.

Jeff Abbott, Benbrook

This article is great, but it is extremely slanted toward Greggo. I think most avid fans of the show are going to read between the B.S. he's spouting to make it sound like he's a victim in this. I am disappointed that a great article slants about halfway through and takes sides, it appears.

Jay Callicott, Little Rock, Arkansas


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