Digging Deep Holes for the Future

Digging Deep Holes for the Future

Those who missed the Carter Albrecht Memorial concert Saturday night at the Granada Theater -- and there were not many who did; it was packed with old friends and familiar faces -- will find it a copy of the show, in its entirety, beginning tomorrow on Pegasus News' site. You will be able to purchase the video for the price of a contribution to the Carter Albrecht Music Foundation. Buy it, then carve out a few hours -- the highlights are plentiful. Begins with Pleasant Grove, ends with the Old 97's. In between: Deadman, the Slack, Salim Nourallah, Reed Easterwood, the Drams and Sorta doing Sparrows. Goosebumps and magic from start to finish.

You can read reviews of the show here and here; they do fine jobs of running down the set list and capturing the vibe. It was heavy, all right -- the mourning's a long, long way from done, and it's clearly taken its toll on those closest to Albrecht. But it was cathartic too -- the Drams offered up a raging rendition of The Band's "The Shape I'm In," one of Albrecht's favorite songs. Chris Holt played a new Carter song; the Old 97's and Sorta played older ones; Pleasant Grove and the Drams played their own songs Carter loved. And his dad, Ken, spoke as well -- about his son and the foundation created in his memory. And outside the theater, friends and family shared stories about Carter, smoked a few, drank a few, shed some tears and laughs, shared plenty of hugs. Like Rhett Miller said: "I'm glad I could be here, but I wish we didn't have to be here at all." --Robert Wilonsky

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