Dinosaur Sr.

The foggy haze of nostalgia was in full effect at last night's Dinosaur Jr. reunion show--especially at the urinals. Seemingly everyone in line had seen the band except me (I was a little young the first time around), and they all had a story about Lollapalooza '93, that Edgefest where they played with Pop Poppins or Iowa City in '86 (I guess that dude wins). Luckily, the band proved worth the wait, with a gray-haired J. Mascis giving the nearly gray-haired crowd an ear-piercing lesson in how to play the shit out of an electric guitar while mumbling your lyrics—exactly what they came to see. The thirtysomethings that started the mosh pit are old enough to know better, though, and while music can certainly transcend time, some things (like crowd-surfing) are better left in the past. Hell, I haven't seen a mosh pit like that since that White Stripes show at Emo's back in '01... --Noah Bailey


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