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Dirk Dundee

Just read the article about Dirk in the Outback ("Crocodile Nowitzki," by Jesse Hyde, November 22). I am a huge Mavs fan and a season ticket holder, and I have to say this is hands down the best Dirk article I have ever read. Kudos to the writer for getting so much out of Dirk. I was one of those fans who was screaming for blood after the Mavs lost in the first round. I was there in person at the AAC when they lost in the Finals. I guess as fans we don't realize what these players are going through and all the pressure they are under. It was a great article, and I really have a better understanding of Dirk. Thanks.

Wajid Rizvi, Arlington


Dirk Nowitzki

That's one of the best articles I've read on Dirk this year. Everything else I read on Dirk's summer just talked about his "walkabout" in Australia without going into great detail. This one explains how Dirk feels, and it's more personal than any I have read. Thanks for that. I'm a huge fan of Dirk and the Mavericks. And no, Dirk did not lose that series to Golden State alone, as most basketball fans know (save for Kobe Bryant and a few media types); this is a team sport and you win as a team or lose as a team. I fully support Dirk, and not only do I believe he has what it takes to win a championship, I know he does. It's amazing to me how people bash Dirk because he hasn't led the Mavs to a championship, but Steve Nash has never led the Suns to the Finals yet no one ever says he doesn't have what it takes. Why is that? Why is Nash the media darling yet Dirk is the media failure? I don't get it! Dirk is one of the greatest players ever to step onto a basketball court. And yet, he doesn't play with a "me-first" attitude. To him it's all about the team, which makes him an even bigger star in my book. I am proud he plays for the Dallas Mavericks. And I will proudly be standing along that parade route when he and his teammates win the championship. Keep up the good work, Dirk—you make us proud to be Mavs fans!

Cynthia, via dallasobserver.com

Maybe if Dirk wouldn't flop so much he would find success. The only other two players I can think of who flopped as much as Dirk were Stockton and Malone, and they never won a championship either.

Jack, via dallasobserver.com

Dirk the worst flopper since Stockton and Malone? Do you watch Raja Bell or Manu Ginobili? I admit that Dirk does act sometimes, but to put him above the crap that Raja and Manu pull is a load of crap!

This article is great! I hope the time away from the game really cleared his head and he gets everything straight. The Mavs have the talent to win multiple championships. They just need to stay the course and save some for the end.

Dearing, via dallasobserver.com

Go Ask Alice

While I'm delighted that you've added Ask a Mexican, the feature that most often makes me put down the paper and laugh is Alice Laussade's column Cheap Bastard: "That's like adding a rainbow made out of smiles and happiness onto an already existing rainbow." I'd marry her if she asked me really nicely.

Bobby Bush, Dallas

The Dog Never Smells Its Own

Oh my God, baby! This is your best article ever! ("Douchebags in the Mist," by Andrea Grimes, November 29.) Grand slam! I was laughing so hard people were staring at me while I was getting my car detailed at lunch. You hit it right on the head! There is nothing more to be added. Bravo! Bravo!

Michael M. Mata, Flower Mound

In the last decade or so, seldom have I encountered journalism that was worth reading all the way to the end, much less linking to on my blog. I'm nobody special, just a guy, so my blog has approximately two readers, but still...I'm picky. Yours is a very complete exposé of absolutely the most detestable segment of society in our age group. I enjoyed every word. Thank you.

Jason Melero, Austin

Great article. I've always laughed at those guys. I just left Dallas for Nashville and have been pleased to see the pretentious nature of most around here is on a completely lower level than that crowd in Dallas. I know it's easy to bust on the dudes, but the women are just as bad with their unreal expectations. Frauds...so many frauds. Again, great article.

Swede Hanson, Nashville

The $30,000 millionaires article is one of the best stories I've read in a very long time. The sad thing is they not only exist in Dallas, they are nationwide. The only problem is they are too busy fixing their hair to read this story.

Brian Bennett, Oklahoma City

I have lived in Dallas for almost 10 years and have only read the Dallas Observer on one or two occasions. However, after reading Andrea Grimes' article on the $30,000 millionaires, you have me hooked. She is absolutely brilliant and hit the nail on the head. As a truly successful 40-something, it's frustrating to "compete" with these douchebags on their home turf. Although my income is 20 times theirs, they can twist a lie so fast us honest guys are left in the dark. We've worked so hard to be successful, we haven't had time to perfect the art of bullshit. So please, help us sugar daddies out and have Andrea write an article on gold-diggers. And if she needs some help with her research, we'll hit the town in the Bentley!

Steve R., Dallas

Andrea Grimes is purely brilliant! I recently moved to Dallas from Manhattan for work. I can vividly remember that upon boarding the plane I felt the stench that is so well-documented in $30,000 millionaires. The platinum-bleached spiked hair, the BMW 325i and the stupid "Dallas" bimbo with silicone accessories. It's all so cliché and it's all so real! It's so sad. I tell you, when Andrea wrote about Dallas being the L.A. of the South, she was not kidding.

Jose Cifuentes, Dallas


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