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Dirty Business

We're trying: I also know of a white man about 20 years old who went to the car wash at lunch to wash his car ("SAFE as Hell," by Jim Schutze, December 14). The police came and harassed him, telling him he was only there to make a drug deal and that he better leave before they arrested him. He told them he was going to wash his car, and they proceeded to harass him until he left. It is our good old government at work. If they can't run him off or steal the property, they will eventually get it through eminent domain anyway. Isn't there any way to get to the bottom of this and expose our city officials for what they are? I would be interested in helping, as should all of our citizens.



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Death Star payment: I'd be more than happy to help pay to buy a full page in The Dallas Morning News just so as to print your article in the DMN—if for nothing else but to just show the Belo Death Star what true investigative journalism is all about!

Mark Brack


And the American way: Thank God for your "voice of reason." I know the Davenports personally and know they are good, honest, hardworking, Christian people who have fought a long, hard battle against city hall. God only knows they are not wealthy people, but they are not afraid to fight the good fight. I simply can't understand why you and your paper are the only ones willing to stand up for truth and justice! Every business owner in the whole city of Dallas should be fighting this fight with the Davenports because they can't know when they themselves will be the target of these corrupt, sorry, no-good city officials.

Where are their backbones? Also, when will the state Legislature get the backbone to give the city of Dallas more than a slap on the wrist?

I sincerely hope you will continue to be what seems to be the only voice of reason in the whole Dallas media.

Elizabeth Strong

Naples, Texas


Know thyself: So according to Ron Luce, everyone is saved by grace and not works ("Onward, Christian Soldiers," by Andrea Grimes, December 7). Why, then, does he care what his students do, listen to, fornicate with, etc.? Everyone is already saved.

My experience with Evangelical Christians is that they know a lot about being Evangelicals and very little about being Christian. Especially the "love thy neighbor" part. Just ask anyone whose beliefs differ a little. Baptists too!

P. Dennis


Go for it: It was an interesting story you wrote. While I think your article was more critical than complimentary, and I think that was your intention, I was left with this thought: Is this world a better place because of the impact or potential impact of this group? I'm inclined to think, without being naïve or a prude, that the less MTV (or most TV for that matter) our youths watch and the less premarital sex and the less drugs/alcohol use in teens, the better the world will be. If this movement can assist with that, then I say go for it.

And I guess in the name of journalistic neutrality, I'd suggest you write a comparable article about the efforts of those these folks are trying to counterbalance, then let the reader answer the question: Where would I want my son/daughter spending their time?



Write If You Get Work

Buh-bye: After years of reading your reporting about Dallas I wanted you to know that some of us pay attention and really feel sorry for you and others crying out for change. So after many votes that seem to make little difference, I am finally casting one that counts...with my feet.

I cannot stand to watch the corruption, waste, mismanagement, lying and bickering any longer. I attended meetings, wrote letters, voted, paid my taxes and felt like a victim in a community of victims. Recognizing that there is no change coming I made it my priority to get far away from Dallas.

Shortly after the first of the year I will pack up after more than 40 years (I am a slow learner) and resettle elsewhere. I am planning to participate in the community there and hope I will finally understand civic pride.

My best wishes to you and many others...but my best advice is to get out of town.

Chris Delena



You're welcome: Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful story on Micah, ("Rock 'n' Role," by Richie Whitt, December 14)—by far the best since Team Micah began. He is an amazing little boy, and your article really captured that. Thank you for sharing our story and showing your readers a world some have never experienced. You have forever touched my heart.

Michelle Diffee

Mother of Micah James


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