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"Dive In," by Jesse Hughey, November 12

Diving Veterans

Great article. I love the dive bar, but one thing is missing—the VFW or American Legion bars scattered all over the place. My wife and I (late 20-early 30s) will go to an American Legion in Oak Cliff to see my sister-in-law and have an absolute blast with a guy that looks like Elvis (who hit on my mother-in-law, who we drug up there for a birthday party), $1 nachos made in a crock pot brought from home to help a regular who is behind on her light bill, and karaoke singing that once you hear it you can tell you just lost five minutes off the end of your life, but you clap at the end, go over and tap the singer on the shoulder and ask him/her what they are singing next!


Dive bars

God bless the VFW and American Legion "dives" where you can get drunk on $20 and meet enough characters to fill a library with stories!

BadPhil from Midlothian, via dallasobserver.com

"Fuzzy Math," by Jim Schutze, November 12

Park? What park?

Jim, Jim, Jim. I know this is your thing—angst, cynicism, etc. But like, really. It's great that you care for the city, but I honestly think the city could cure cancer and you'd say they spent too much. It's OK to build your life around an issue, but if that issue is no longer valid, don't continue to beat a dead horse, building a story where none exists and then picking that story apart. You're succumbing to the 24-hour news cycle, and you're not even in that medium! Yes, it's popular and folksy to complain about the government, city or otherwise, but good God, man, let it go!

Brent from Dallas, via dallasobserver.com

Oh, Jim. I love to read your investigative prose, snarky, funny and all, because I know you have an honest heart of gold. Everything you ruminate on turns out to be true, although it may take years for the good old boys and girls to admit it. Everything the new Dallas Morning News columnist on transportation has talked about in his blog or right in the paper has verified what you have been saying for 12 years. I sent him a thank-you note.

Although I live in McKinney now, I have some skin in this game because I lived in Dallas and taught at the medical center for the first Trinity vote and voted against the park because I saw the smoke and mirrors. Even then I had no idea the parkway was a tollway, and I was pretty informed. Keep up the great work by peering under the covers in Dallas. We have few/no other people with integrity willing to do that here.

Barbara from McKinney, via dallasobserver.com

Why do I get the feeling that at some point in the future we will all be picnicking, kayaking and playing with our children in the park and you will be standing outside the fence shouting, "You can't have a park!"?

We all voted on this issue and by the widest of margins approved this for our future. I ask that you please accept it and become part of the solution.

Wick from Dallas, via dallasobserver.com

Say, I haven't lived in Dallas in years. However, it looks to me the same old politics is still alive and well in Big D. When I was a kid living there, I remember spring rains of 15 inches in 24 hours and, as a result, a Trinity River that was a mile wide that stayed that way for days, if not weeks, on end.

It would be nice to have a Dallas Trinity River Walk. San Antonio's walk is a marvel and a good visitor and revenue generator. Be that as it may, harnessing the river in heavy spring rains just may not be possible unless it is channelized all the way to the gulf. Hmm, I wonder whatever happened to that idea.

I have another idea that may have some interest. Why not establish a Dallas version of the CCC to put the newly unemployed in the surrounding area to work building the park and resurrecting the ship channel idea of a few years back?

Both, when completed, just might raise all the revenue needed to pay off any construction bonds floated. Paying subsistence wages and a hot lunch to the workers might provide all the manpower needed as well.

If that idea doesn't seem to be workable, then I suggest Dallas just build another toll road. I have a name for it. How about The Jeb Bush Gulf Express.

Jack Haesly from Austin, via dallasobserver.com


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