We suspect that many Full Frontal readers think we on the FF desk spend all our time thinking up jokes involving weed and hot women. Well, you're wrong, or least you're only 90 percent correct, max. Sometimes we turn our attention away from bongs and thongs to consider Serious Weighty Issues of the Day. For instance, just last week we took the time to read all 300 kabillion words of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision on whether the University of Michigan Law School's diversity program, aimed at boosting minority enrollment, was kosher.

The case involved the law school's admissions policies, which granted preferences to black, Hispanic and Native American candidates. Now, we thought Native American was a pretty broad category, diversitywise--heck, Full Frontal was born right here in the good ol' U.S.A. --then we realized they meant American Indian. Only you're not supposed to call them that anymore.

Anyhoo, this is what we found from reading the decision, written by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor: Diversity is good, but quotas are bad, unless they're cleverly called something else, then they're prolly OK, unless they're not OK, which sometimes they're not, but really diversity is good and, dang it, can't we all just get along? Maybe in 25 years.

Confused? So were we and, we suspect, the justices--though, say, wouldn't Sandy O'Connor look just smokin' in a thong? Still, we soldiered on to help you, the reader and would-be law school student, answer the big question: Are you diverse enough for law school? If you wanna know the answer, just pick up a die and play Diversopoly! The Board Game.


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