"Do" It One More Time

Like I said Wednesday, the Reunion Tower Revue tracks available here and here are coming down on Monday. Fret not, they'll resurface at a later date, but if you want 'em to warm you on a cold winter's night, best act fast. Enough's been said about that night, but not seen. So after the jump, there are a few Hal Samples pics taken Saturday at the Sons of Hermann Hall. (Be patient: They're big files and might take a moment or two to load.) You can buy these and plenty more from the occasion on Hal's Web site, a nice one run by a nice guy doing nice things for people who need 'em not only during the holidays but every day. Throw him some dough; he knows what to do with it.

But, because we can't let it go just yet, here's just one more track from Satuday night. It's a Bobby Patterson song performed by Jen Nabb. After she sang it -- nailed it, more like, killed it -- Bobby came up to me and said, "She does it better than I do it." Dunno about that, but when I lose my blanket, it'll keep me warm enough. --Robert Wilonsky

Bonus MP3:

Jen Nabb, "I Do" (Bobby Patterson cover)

Bobby Patterson said of backing band Shibboleth, with Don Cento at far left: "I just call 'em Syphilis."
Chris Holt and Jen Nabb make a filling four-course meal out of Meat Loaf's "Paradise by the Dashboard Light."
Salim Nourallah's entire two-song set consisted of Five Americans covers. We smell tribute album. No, seriously. We'll produce.
A Gentleman and a Scholar: Peter Schmidt, covering N.C.M., used to know you.
Kim Pendleton swims through T-Bone Walker's "Trinity River Blues."


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