Colin Ross also looks like a Tim Robbins character.

Does Colin Ross Also Know Wolverine?

Now this is how you write a press release. Because, really, the totally rhyming headline's a grabber: "Dr. Colin Ross Can Send a Beam of Energy From His Eyes; Aims for $1 Million Prize." Ross, incidentally, is the man behind The Colin A. Ross Institute For Psychological Trauma in Richardson; his Web site says he works with the Timberlawn Mental Health System, where, one hopes, he's careful not to laser the patients with his magical eyeballs. Turns out, Ross is picking up a challenge laid down by the James Randi Educational Foundation, which specializes in the study of the pseudoscientific, how scientific. Notes Ross' press release, he "can make a tone sound out of a speaker using nothing but an energy beam he sends out through his eyes." And that is a scientific fact. --Robert Wilonsky

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