Dollars for Daisies

Dollars for Daisies

So, the bidding just closed on that Tripping Daisy Dallas Observer Music Award I told you about on Wednesday, and, turns out, it wasn't worth $107.50 after all. Nope, the Lucite doorstop went for ... $405. And it sold to an enormous Tripping Daisy and Polyphonic Spree fan, judging by rics_delivers's other purchases, among them: a P.Spree seven-inch, this Grandaddy-Polyphonic Spree split seven-inch, a copy of Tales From the Edge Vol. 4 featuring the Daisy's "Lost & Found" and a never-worn Spree choir robe.

In related news, I too sold my 1998 award. Three dollars. One bidder. --Robert Wilonsky

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