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Don Schutze

Crooks, hucksters, etc.: I lived in D.C. in 1978, and I was a young lad working on Capitol Hill when Marion Barry was first elected mayor. That was so long ago you could drive your broken-down Toyota right past the gates in front of the White House. Fast-forward to 1994 when Republicans swept control of Congress. The District flipped off the whole country by re-electing Mayor Barry after he got out of prison for smoking crack. God, that was beautiful. I love Schutze's self-deprecating humor, but nobody thinks he still smokes crack ("My Brain on Crack," by Jim Schutze, December 7). He gave that up last year.

My take on the mayor and this Trinity Project is a little different. We elected Laura Miller to put the kibosh on these boondoggles. Let's give her credit, because she really tried to save this city from itself, but nobody can overcome that sewer of corruption called the Dallas City Council. What a bunch of scumbags, except for Rasansky, of course. Mitchell's got balls, but that won't get him very far either.


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At some point, the realist in Laura Miller escaped and just gave up. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? Funny thing, though, they still hate her anyway. The business establishment and their rag, the DMN, hate her because she kicked their asses at the polls. That was her unforgivable crime. But in the end, there's no way to change the corruption surrounding the Trinity River Project and the fundamentally dishonest enterprise we call the city of Dallas.

There are so many crooks, hucksters and liars in this city that even Stephen Hawking can't count that high. Still, I love it that Schutze, with good humor, keeps looking at the numbers, making spreadsheets and calling power to account. I don't care what anybody says, Schutze, you're all right. Tell Sancho we said hello.

William Winston Newbill


Vanity thing: Jim, I know you're not on crack, but Laura Miller certainly is. She totally misrepresented what these funds are going to be used for (the bridges). That's what Democrats do, Jim. Laura wants these bridges as a sort of legacy to her administration and nothing more. It's a vanity thing, and the taxpayers are going to shoulder the burden. She just wasn't upfront about it. By the way, didn't she promise a few years ago to fix those damn potholes on the streets of Dallas? If she can't even do that, how does she plan on putting bridges through to Oak Cliff? Why would anyone want to? Over and out from North Dallas.

Richard Krause


Addicted to debt: Hey, I'm mad too, Jim. Your article this week gets to the point within the first five paragraphs. And your conclusion that the faith and courage of the voters do not deserve to be manipulated, tricked and lied to is very much "the point."

One of our neighbors who also agrees that our mayor just doesn't get it says, "As a community within a nation that has amassed a tremendous amount of debt during a time of war, we are all responsible for how we handle our limited resources. During this time when many household savings are now at a negative percent, it should not warrant their approval to increase spending for a public project that they speculate will best serve the public by forcing us further into debt."

Mark Spence


Idiot Kickers

Numbers don't lie: Thought I was the only one who knew that releasing Vanderjagt ("Kicking and Screaming," December 7), rather than working with him on adjusting his aim was possibly the biggest mistake the Cowboys made this year.

What were they thinking taking the hit on the cap and replacing a high 80 percent kicker with a 60 percent? Why screw with things just when they were finally going our way?

Everybody blames Vanderjagt for that blocked kick, but the replay clearly shows the defense coming through untouched. What kicker wouldn't get blocked if that happened? Personally, I think V's attitude stunk and someone should slap it right out of him, but the numbers simply don't lie.

It will be a sad day in Dallas if our Super Bowl hopes die on the field because of this decision.

Anyway, great article.

Nick Camp


Ellum Resurrected

Very much alive: Thanks for your article on Deep Ellum ("Together, Apart," by Jonanna Widner, December 7). One thing that might help its revival is to recognize and applaud those businesses that are already there and are, in many cases, actually thriving. Club Dada, of which I am a part owner (and therefore biased), has live music five nights a week and is usually packed at least twice a week. The Bone next door is blowing and going. Deep Ellum Café is open again and serving the old recipes we all loved a decade ago. Trees and Deep Ellum Live are re-opening. And there are numerous other businesses and clubs that I couldn't even begin to mention. Perhaps the biggest problem with Deep Ellum, though, is the perception that it is a dangerous place to go. That is simply not the case, thanks to the efforts of Mayor Laura Miller and the DPD. The cops on patrol in Deep Ellum are numerous, friendly and extremely professional. They work closely with all the businesses to ensure that patrons are safe and have a good time. In fact, if you check the crime stats or the last two years' worth of issues of the Dallas Managed News, you will find that Greenville Avenue is much more dangerous than Deep Ellum. So, I guess the point I hope to make is, Deep Ellum is very much alive, safe and coming back even stronger.

David Gibson

Cedar Hill


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