Don't Plan on Visiting a Dallas Public Library Tomorrow. Or City Hall. Or a Rec Center.

This go-round, Dallas City Hall has thoughtfully provided a list of city-run buildings that'll be open and closed tomorrow, the second furlough day per City Manager Mary Suhm's cost-cutting efforts. So, let's see: City Hall's closed; so too the Oak Cliff Municipal Center, so there goes my Friday. All Dallas libraries will be shut down tomorrow -- Monday too, since it's Labor Day and all. Likewise on the can't-access list: recreation centers, Bahama Beach Family Park, all Spraygrounds, Southern Skates Roller Park, the West Dallas Multipurpose Center, the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center, all city-run health clinics and all the cultural centers (including the Bath House, Ice House, South Dallas and Latino centers).

Alas, not all city workers get the day off: The city will still pick up your trash, and parking enforcement officers will still be out ticketing folks who didn't pay the meters. And you can play golf and go to the Dallas Zoo.

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