DPD Chief Kunkle "Lucky to Have Choices" While Considering Post-Retirement Plans

Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle says he's not interested in committing initially to any of the numerous job offers he's received since announcing his retirement in November. He's been approached mostly with consulting and teaching positions, he says, and no one has asked him to become the top cop someplace else. Yet.

"I think they probably will, but I don't anticipate wanting to do that in the future," Kunkle tells Unfair Park. "I'm not sure. After a month or two of not working regularly, I might feel differently. I'm just looking more to make it through the end of April."

Kunkle, whose last day is April 30, says after working for 41 years, he's not looking for a full-time gig and looks forward to discretionary time. "I'd like to have time to do small things that are important to me."

He expects the city to conduct community meetings early this year to "get the profile on the street" for his replacement, and says City Manager Mary Suhm has told him that he'll be in the loop regarding the search. In-house favorites include assistant chiefs David Brown and Danny Garcia.

After spending the holidays in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Kunkle remains confident of his decision to retire. "I'm very happy," he says. "I'm lucky to have choices, and I'm lucky to be able to not work if I don't want to work at my age. And I'm lucky to have good health and a wonderful wife, so it's pretty good."

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