DPD, City Officials Would Really Like You to Keep That Firearm Holstered Tomorrow Night

Delia Jasso, Dwaine Caraway and Lt. Andy Harvey today at DPD HQ
Delia Jasso, Dwaine Caraway and Lt. Andy Harvey today at DPD HQ

In some parts of town, you can tell when the calendar needs flipping when the guns start firing; apparently, nothing says "Happy New Year!" like shooting a pistol in the air. And while there haven't been any serious injuries due to the celebratory pop-pop-pop in recent years, according to Dallas police spokesman Lt. Andy Harvey, city officials would really like locals to stop with the shooting already.

"No ... gunfire ... on ... New ... Year's ... Eve," said Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway at today's press conference at DPD HQ, pausing between words to give more authority to his directive. Caraway also wanted the public to understand that guns will be confiscated if the police catch somebody firing a weapon, since it is, ya know, against the law.

"Please do not fire guns," added the far more soft-spoken Delia Jasso. "That is not a way to bring in the New Year."

Last year, Harvey says, DPD officers were dispatched to 615 random gunfire calls between New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

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