DPD Sends This Reminder, or: All Right, Mr. DeMille, I'm Ready For My Close-Up

The Dallas Police Department sends along this video taken from a bait car that did its job -- says Sgt. Andy Harvey, the man involved in this particular smash-and-grab was arrested not long after he concluded his bad business. The point of this pass-along, says Harvey, is to remind the citizenry that car break-ins make up 26 percent of all crimes in Dallas -- "making it the highest committed crime in our city," per his e-mail. "Although we are pleased that BMV's are down by 8.8 percent from last year, we are striving to improve."

Hence the reminder to lock, take and hide. Which, I am sure, will comfort the three neighbors I saw cleaning the broken windows out of their respective cars one block from my house this week. Which is why my car's a '96 POS filled entirely with issues of the Observer dating to '84 and empty Jack-in-the-Box sacks.


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