Robert Powell on the CBS affiliate last night
Robert Powell on the CBS affiliate last night
KTVT-Channel 11

DPD's Powell on KTVT: "I'm Sorry. I Made a Mistake. I Would Not Do This Again."

Ryan and Tamisha Moats started off Monday with a Good Morning America exclusive in which Tamisha said she'd forgive Dallas police officer Robert Powell for those excruciating 13 minutes in a Plano hospital parking lot. Then Powell ended Monday with a KTVT-Channel 11 exclusive in which he apologized and said, sure, he screwed up and, look, he'd sure like to keep his job:

"To say I am scared of being fired is an understatement. I am terrified. I have a family. I have two young children. If I were in that situation again, I would take them inside, let them be with there mother, which is where they needed to be, and if I could take it back I would."

The KTVT Web site has the entire 16-minute interview.


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