Drinking and Driving a Punt Into a Scoreboard

Drinking and Driving a Punt Into a Scoreboard
Patrick Michels

Deadspin most thoughtfully directs our attention to the Andy Lee Drinking Game -- Andy Lee being the San Francisco 49ers punter who gets his turn to take aim at the Cowboys Stadium video board tomorrow evening. If nothing else, it provides one very good reason to watch a meaningless pre-season game, and the NFL's new do-over policy for Jerry's big ol' teevee has added some last-minute addenda to the pop-a-shot rulebook. So, in advance of an all-right Saturday night, a few of the suggestions:

  • One shot if the broadcast plays a clip of Andy Lee hitting the scoreboard with a punt during pre-game warm ups.
  • One shot for every time the broadcast cuts to a shot of Jerry Jones just before an Andy Lee punt.
  • One shot if Andy Lee is interviewed on the sideline during the broadcast and asked about punting the ball into the scoreboard.

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