Dropping the Ball

When is no news conference news? When the No. 16-ranked high-school basketball prospect in the country decides he isn't quite ready to tell folks where he's going to school. (Same thing happened to me; I get it.) That's what happened today when power forward Darrell Arthur of South Oak Cliff nixed his noon-thirty announcement, which was a big enough deal the folks at Rivals.com put it on their front page. The kid's good--helped SOC win back-to-back Class 4A titles--and says here the McDonald All-American's likely to go to Louisiana State, Baylor or Kansas. Arthur's also only one of two players among Rival.com's top 60 prospects who hasn't chosen a school yet; usually that gets taken care of in the early fall. Arthur's supposed to make his announcement later this week; thank God, because then all I have to worry about is who's replacing Porter Goss. So why the delay? Better school? Bigger money? Kidding. --Robert Wilonsky


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